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1•General Questions

1. What is CSS and what do we provide?

CSS is a property management system service provider. You only need to subscribe for a standard package with one affordable fee to enjoy the complete CSS system modules from admin daily operations to mobile app, CSS Home, ePayment, Visitor Management System and more.

2. How do we charge for every project?

We charge based on the total maintenance charges per month. For more details, please contact our sales & marketing representatives or drop us a message at the website enquiry form or contact our sales & marketing department (012-551 4096).

3. What is the one-time cost & on-going cost of using CSS?

Only the monthly subscription fees will be incurred. There will be no other additional fees, for instance, maintenance fees or system supporting fees, etc. For your information, there will be a minimum setup fee for a ‘self-managed’ project.

4. How long does it take to migrate the data?

Upon preparation and submission of the required data to us, it will usually take about 3-5 working days for the data migration process to be done.

5. Will CSS system require internet connection?

Yes, internet connection is required to access CSS app/web system.

6. How much are the training charges?

CSS provides system training free-of-charge for two individuals after the subscription. Additional charges will be incurred only if the client requests additional training sessions and/or more training attendees. It’s worth noting that we do provide unlimited free technical support upon customer request and our professional team is always ready to assist you.

7. How many system user IDs are provided?

Upon the CSS system subscription, we’ll provide up to 10 free users ID with full system access and unlimited resident ID.

8. What shall I do if I'm facing issues? What kind of support does CSS provide?

CSS will provide technical support via phone and email. Email support can be accessed through emailing Phone/Chat support is available via 03-92004096 and 011-60922747 / 011-60925963. CSS’s business hours between 9 AM and 5:30 PM from Mondays till Fridays.

9. What is the notice period to unsubscribe from the CSS system?

There is no tied-down contract to subscribe to our services. Therefore, if you decide to end your subscription, you only need to inform us one month ahead in writing.

10. How long CSS will keep for the customer data?

Upon termination in accordance with the Agreement, CSS shall delete, remove, and destroy all the customer’s data upon ninety (90) days after termination, cancellation or suspension in accordance with the Agreement.

11. As a SaaS Provider, do you abide by a Privacy Policy?

CSS takes our consumers’ privacy and data security seriously and we are fully compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. To know more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

12. Does CSS provide data back up?

CSS will perform full server backup daily on latest 30 days data. Backup will start at 8pm and it would not affect the user experience during the process. We adopt 4 methods of the backup process, to know more kindly refer to the SLA service.


1. Does the user have to install any CSS software to their desktop?

No, the user doesn’t require to install any software. CSS provides the web-based service in which user will be able to access our portal anywhere anytime.

2. What type of information require for the system setup?

We will require the subscriber to provide us owners information and the opening balance/transaction, following CSS standard migration template.

3. If the user has zero knowledge about CSS, will they able to perform the system?

We will encourage the user to attend our training session. CSS will provide free-of-charge training session for two individuals for each new subscription. Or, user may choose to contact our support team for assistance.

4. Does the user have to compute the data separately for their financial statements task?

No, the user will be able to perform their financial statements task with a few clicks. CSS designed the property management module integrated linking to the financial accounting module.

5. Does the system able to auto-generate the monthly billing?

Yes, the system will be able to generate out the monthly/quarter billing. However, it will still require the user to make the trigger.

6. Does the user have to manually email out the invoice separately with own mailbox?

No, the user will be able to email out directly from the CSS portal.

7. Can the user customize the user level?

Yes, each user level can be customized following the highest authority’s instruction.

8. Can I bill my tenant the water bills?

Yes, the user able to generate the water billing to the tenant, just some settings need to be done.

9. Can the user removes the transaction?

No, the user will only be able to void the transaction but not remove it. Besides that, not all the user will have the authority to void too, and it will be based on its user level.

10. Does the user able to view the audit trails?

Yes, CSS does provide the audit trails record since Day 1 for most of the information. It is worth to note that any amendment on the audit trails will be prohibited.

11. Does CSS provide the email log function?

Yes, we do provide the email log, so the user will be able to trace when and what did they send out on the email.

12. Do I have to purchase all the 1•Management modules? Will it be very costly?

CSS does provide a comprehensive package; Our client will be able to enjoy all the 1•Management modules with only one competitive price. Please drop us a message at the website enquiry form to explore more and our representative will get in touch with you soon.


1. What are the benefits of using CSS Home?

CSS facilitates efficient and convenient communication between the management and residents with various exciting features, i.e. announcement, statement, facility booking, pre-registration etc. awaiting user to explore.

2. How do I get sign up to CSS Home?

Please contact your Management Office and they shall generate a login ID and password for you.

3. Can CSS Home be used on any iOS or Android smartphone?

Yes, our CSS Home app is available in both iOS and Android operating systems, and including in the Huawei Store too.

4. Can I access CSS resident portal on the webpage?

Yes, residents may also access CSS resident portal via webpage.

5. Can my neighbours view my name and phone number in the CSS Home ?

No, they are not. They will only be able to view their own individual profile.

6. Can I make payment through the resident portal? If so, why is this feature not available on my portal?

Yes, the residents are able to make payment through the resident portal. In the event where an ePayment function is not available, it might due to your Management Office is yet to subscribe this feature with us.

7. Can I make an advance payment?

At the moment, advance payment is not accepted via the resident portal.

8. Is it secure to pay through CSS?

Yes, it is secured. CSS partnered with Fiuu on ePayment service, with compliance to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

9. Will I get the payment receipt right away?

Yes, the residents will receive an immediate official receipt after their successful payment.

10. If I own 5 units in one particular project, can I use a single user ID to access all my units?

Yes, residents are able to access to all of their units using a single ID.

11. If I have few family members, how many users ID will I be entitled?

CSS does provide sub-ID. Master ID (Owner/Tenant) will be able to generate the sub-ID to their family members. It is worth to note that sub-ID will have limited access comparing to master ID.

13. As an existing CSS user, who should I contact to know more about the 1•Resident? How much do I need to pay for to enjoy this service?

You may drop us a message at the website enquiry form, our representative will contact you. CSS subscriber doesn’t have to pay extra for the 1•Resident, it is free complimentary module. However, ePayment will incur an additional separate surcharge.

12. Can I register an ID for my tenant? Also, can tenant view the owner’s statement?

Please contact your Management Office for further assistance. Fyi, tenant wouldn’t able to view the owner’s statement unless only for utilities, for which are instructed to bill to their account.


1. Will CSS’s Visitor Management System (VMS) link to CSS Home ?

Yes. Both are inter-link. (i.e., the visitor and SOS button) It will help to cut the tedious visitor registration process, avoiding long queue yet serving a need to trigger immediate alert to the resident when there is any emergency.

2. Does management need to purchase any device?

Yes. The Management will need to purchase a complete device set of VMS from CSS and self-prepare the telco SIM card.

3. Will there be any training provided to the Security Guard?

Yes, we will provide training and user manual for the Security Guard.

4. Can the Security Guard view the resident’s phone number in the VMS?

No, the Security Guard can only view the unit number but not the phone number. The resident’s phone number has been hidden as a safety and privacy protection.

5. Does VMS require a SIM card to function?

Yes. As it requires internet access to perform and at the same time enabling Security Guard to make calls through.

6. Does VMS have a call function?

Yes. The Security Guard can call the residents, Management Office or make emergency calls with the device.

7. Can the VMS’s OCR be running on the passport?

For the current moment, our OCR only support identity card or license?

8. Will there be any watermark applied on the visitor identity card or driving license?

Yes, watermark will be applied on the images captured as a safety and privacy protection.

9. Does CSS’s Security Patrol require any system installation?

Yes, the management will require to get an installation download link from CSS. Afterward the Security Guard will need to enter their Guard ID & Password and get started!

10. Can Security Patrol be used on any smartphone?

For this current moment, Security Patrol only support Android.

11. If there's no any internet connection, will the Security Patrol still able to perform?

No. Our Security Patrol will strongly require Internet to best serving the community.

12. What is the maximum number of QR checkpoints does Security Patrol supports?

You can have an unlimited number of checkpoints as you like!

13. How does Security Guard scan the QR checkpoint, any hardware would be required?

Our Security Patrol has in-app built QR code scanner, in which, any Android supporting phone with Camera would fit to perform.

14. Can Security Patrol be used for Incident Reporting purpose too?

Yes. The management can define an incident list via the web application. The Security Guard can submit remarks and photos to best describe the happening incident.